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The GBCC at UNC-Chapel Hill is proud to co-host the Southeast Healthcare Case Competition with its counterparts at Duke University and the Texas Medical Center. Every Spring, graduate students gather at the SEHCC, a virtual healthcare-focused strategy consulting competition open to students from around the world. Participants compete to test their skills in life sciences strategy consulting, and can be eligible to win prizes worth market values of over $1,000.

For more information, including rules, instructions, and deadlines, take a look at the website for the 2024 event.

Previous competitions

The GBCC has successfully held several previous iterations of this competition thanks to a huge number of volunteers and participants. We’d like to acknowledge some of the help that we’ve received over the years here.

Note that a list of UNC-based steering committee members is also available in our list of previous Executive Board members.

Prizes and sponsors

Consulting cases and prizes for competition winners have been made possible thanks to generous support from the following companies and organizations:

  • Triangle Insights Group
  • Management Consulted
  • MBAcase
  • Peter K
  • Onsight Case Review Coaching
  • PrepLounge
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Bain & Co.
  • LEK
  • Accenture
  • ZS
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Health Advances
  • Kx Advisors
  • UnitedHealth Group

Presentation judges

Current and former consultants volunteer their time and expertise to judge our participants’ presentations. Listed by duration, volunteers from the following organizations have regularly helped to make our competition possible.

  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Bain & Co.
  • LEK
  • EY Parthenon
  • Health Advances
  • Accenture
  • ClearView Healthcare Partners
  • ZS
  • Booz Allen Hamilton

Our competitions have also been made possible thanks to support from consultants and other volunteers who represented the following firms. The firms below are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Adivo Associates
  • BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
  • Benchling
  • Clarion
  • Envision Pharma Group
  • Hatteras Venture Partners
  • Insight Strategy Advisors
  • Kaiser Associates
  • Kinetikos Life Sciences
  • Kx Advisors
  • Locus Biosciences
  • Pappas Ventures
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • Strategies for Medical Innovations
  • TwoLabs Pharma Services

2023 Duke-UNC-TMC National Case Competition

The top teams for the 2023 competition (see website) were:

  1. (PDF)
    • Madigan Bedard (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    • Alex Billingsley (UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University)
    • Keita Yokoyama (UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University)
    • Emily Devericks (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  2. Catalina Consulting Group
    • Mark Zhang (California Institute of Technology)
    • Manni He (California Institute of Technology)
    • Sergio Parra (California Institute of Technology)
    • Bryce Hickam (California Institute of Technology)
    • Melinda Chan (California Institute of Technology)
  3. Strategy Shifters
    • Yushu Wang (Duke University)
    • Vivi Wang (Duke University)
    • Junda Zhu (Vanderbilt University)
    • Sushma Narayan (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
    • Tianyi Chi (University of Michigan)

The organizing committee for the 2023 event consisted of:

  • Qinwen Huang (Duke University)
  • Buang Zhang (Duke University)
  • Maura Vrabel (UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University)
  • Dominik Berger (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Yu Zheng (Texas A&M University)
  • Jiatong Liu (University of Rochester)
  • Nikki Cao (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)

2022 Duke-UNC-TMC National Case Competition

The 2022 event featured 34 teams consisting of 141 participants representing 44 institutions around the world. Learn more about the competition in the archive summary of the 2023 event’s website.

The top teams for 2022 were:

  1. Three Scientists and an Accountant (PDF)
    • Sharon Stevens (Baylor College of Medicine)
    • Azaan Wilbon (Baylor College of Medicine)
    • Ozlem Sert (Baylor College of Medicine)
    • Catherine Patton (Johns Hopkins University)
  2. Decode Group
    • Khaled Aboumerhi (Columbia University at the City of New York)
    • Sabyasachi Dash (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Albana Kodra (Weill Cornell Medicine)
    • Kunal Kumar Sinha (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
    • Ruixuan Wang (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  3. PrimeView
    • Ziwei Pan (UConn Health)
    • Woan-Yu Lin (Weill Cornell Medical)
    • Kayan Tam (Rockefeller University)
    • Cheryl Yu (University of Pennsylvania)

The organizing committee for the 2022 event consisted of:

  • Tong Chen (Duke University)
  • Lily Yang (Duke University)
  • Shu Zhang (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Qiongqiong (QQ) Mei (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Xinye Qian (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Yi-Tang Lee (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Matea Paveskovic (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Umair Hammad (Rice University)

2021 Duke-UNC Case Competition

The winning team in the 2021 competition was Carolina Advisory (PDF), consisting of:

  • Ameer Atta (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Michaela Copp (UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University)
  • Ashley Mauch (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Will Saenger (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Sisi Tran (UNC-Chapel Hill)

2020 Duke-UNC Case Competition

The top teams in the 2020 competition were:

  1. Consulting Contenders (PDF / recording)
    • Amy Guisinger (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    • Andrew Stenger (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    • Erin Scholz (UNC-Chapel Hill)
    • Jefferson Pike Jr. (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  2. GO the Social Distance (PDF / recording)
    • Ana Peredo (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Andrew Chan (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Eric Dai (University of Pennsylvania)
  3. Team Houston (PDF / recording)
    • Anton Zhang (Rice University)
    • Collin Johnson (Baylor College of Medicine)

2019 Duke-UNC Case Competition

The top teams in the 2019 competition were:

  1. Jackie Tang (Duke University) and Bei Liu (Duke University) (PDF)
  2. Christopher Krapu (Duke University) and Varun Mallampalli (Dartmouth College)
  3. Suman Rao (Harvard University), Tang Nan (Columbia University), Clarice Shen (Columbia University), and Bruce Gao (Harvard University)

2017 Duke-UNC Case Competition

The top teams in the 2017 competition were:

  1. SciMedEng Team
    • Zhongxu An (UT-Southwestern)
    • Maithili Dalvi (UT-Southwestern)
    • Norman Aiad (UT-Southwestern)
  2. NCSU Team
    • Jessica Nash (North Carolina State University)
    • Lisa Nash (North Carolina State University)
    • Jacob Majikes (North Carolina State University)
  3. Team Epoch
    • Jiarui Zuo (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Jingwen Ye (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Yifei Pan (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Yuanyuan Shen (Johns Hopkins University)