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Every day, for- and non-profit businesses tackle complex problems and make tough decisions. Some of these tasks require input, expertise, and structure from a fresh set of eyes. These third parties are strategy consultants, and GBCC has launched the career of graduate degree-holding consultants since 2014 in its oldest Interest Group.

Learn more about the training programs, seminars, and job interview practices for consulting careers that the GBCC offers.

Consulting Boot Camp

Every year, the GBCC hosts a week-long, after-hours virtual training course for graduate students interested in learning about (or sharpening their skills in) strategy consulting. This Consulting Boot Camp is open to students and postdocs from across the country.

This event is organized with support from several institutional partners including UNC’s branch of the Accelerate to Industry initiative.

Pro Bono Consulting

CGsquared helps companies and nonprofits, especially those in the life sciences, medtech, and healthcare sectors, tackle business challenges.

Our pro bono initiative pairs ambitious businesses seeking a competitive edge with advanced-degree candidates and postdoctoral fellows ready to hone their business skills.

Case Interview Practices

The GBCC hosts Cases & Cases, a series of case interview practice sessions specifically for graduate students. It’s designed for students interested in learning about consulting and looking to prepare for the case interview process.

Case Competition

Every year, graduate students from around the world gather at the Southeast Healthcare Case Competition co-hosted by the GBCC. Participants compete to test their skills in life sciences strategy consulting, and can be eligible to win prizes worth thousands of dollars.