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The GBCC introduces and connects students to​ career paths outside of academia and commercial research. With the supply of STEM PhD holders dwarfing the number of open academic faculty positions by about 7 times in STEM fields (and more in other fields), advanced-degree candidates need non-academic career options now more than ever. We intend to make this easier for ourselves and for everyone who comes after us.

To do so, we run seminars that showcase various career options, host recruitment events with potential employers, enable business-relevant experiences, and give back to the community through pro bono services for local businesses.

While we’ve historically focused on life sciences PhDs at UNC, we welcome all grad students, post-docs, and post-bacs in all fields of study​ as members – even if you’re not studying at UNC.

Through the GBCC, you can:

Discover new careers

Gain unique perspectives on post-graduate career paths that exist beyond academia through our Beyond the Bench seminars.

Gain relevant skills

Gain practical experience in different career options. Through those experiences, build a track record and expertise long before you apply for jobs.

Become a trailblazer for new options

Become a leader in a business topic, industry, or function of your choice by creating your own, new Interest Group.


Sponsors and Supporters

The GBCC is primarily run by current students at UNC-Chapel Hill. However, some of our activities are made possible thanks to other parts of the broader Carolina and Research Triangle community. We’re particularly thankful for the help of: