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Many online resources are available to help graduate students network and prepare for careers in business. A small, non-exhaustive list is below.

Consulting workshops for advanced degree candidates

Several consulting firms offer 3-5 day workshops or internships for PhD, MD, and other advanced degree candidates.

Preparing for consulting case interviews

Case interviews are specialized challenges where interviewers simulate a business situation and ask job candidates to walk through how they’d approach them. This type of interview is notorious for its open-endedness and reliance on quick thinking. However, it’s still possible to build expectations and sharpen specific skills to prepare for them.

The GBCC offers its own series of case interview practice sessions. However, if our schedules don’t work for you – or you’d love additional information or practice problems – you could use resources like these:

Networking with the local biotech scene

The Research Triangle region is full of opportunities to connect with future, current, and past entrepreneurs and employees in the biotech industry. Some popular events include:

In addition, the North Caroina Biotech Center is generally a great resource for events and resources throughout the Triangle.

If any of these events are interesting to you, we strongly suggest that you sign up for our club, then join our Slack and see if anyone wants to join you there!

Negotiating your salary

A key part of transitioning from academia to industry is a change in pay – and the need (and expectation!) for employees to negotiate them. UNC hosted a virtual workshop on this in November 2020; you can access a PDF of the slide deck or a recording of the event.