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Beyond its administrative roles and the Beyond the Bench seminars, the GBCC consists of various Interest Groups.

Each Interest Group focuses on a specific career path that is open to​ job applicants from a broad range of academic backgrounds​. This way, Interest Groups help organize events on similar topics under the same banner​.

With some exceptions (e.g. those that require applications), GBCC members can attend events hosted by any Interest Group. We currently offer ways for you to explore the following careers:

Strategy and Management Consulting

Both for- and non-profit businesses tackle complex problems and make tough decisions every day. Some of these tasks require outside input and expertise, and those are provided by strategy consultants.

Strategy management, especially for businesses in the life sciences, is the GBCC’s oldest field of expertise. We’ve offered training programs, seminars, and job interview practices for consulting careers since our founding in 2014.

Careers explored by dedicated clubs

Several graduate student groups at UNC are dedicated to certain career paths that could be interesting for GBCC members (and generally, people interested in the real-life application of science). These include clubs that are focused on:

Science Writing and Communications

Science is meant to help people understand the world around them, but that demands that non-scientists access, understand, trust, and participate in the scientific process and literature.

The Science Writing and Communications Club at UNC offers a way for students to launch their sci-com career by running its virtual publication, The Pipettepen.

Regulatory Affairs

New innovations, especially in biomedical fields, are only useful if they can end up in the hands of people who need them. Regulators are an indispensable way to make sure this happens in a safe and effective way.

UNC’s Medical and Regulatory Affairs Club explores various career options for medical regulatory affairs.

Science Policy and Advocacy

Science lets humanity understand the world around them, and businesses offer a way to let those discoveries reach more people – but those two worlds are connected through public policy.

The Science Policy and Advocacy Group hosts networking events, seminars, journal clubs, and more to involve students in science policy issues and career opportunities.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you’re curious about a field that the GBCC doesn’t have an Interest Group for, we’d love to help you explore it! Just like incubators for startups, we can help you build the network, infrastructure, and expertise you need to get into the career paths of your choice – and build a path for other students to do the same.

Potential examples include:

  • Startup founders and future entrepreneurs​
  • Venture capital investment​ and private equity
  • Ethical, socially-conscious entrepreneurship (also called SDG, CSR, DEI, PBC etc.)​
  • Nonprofit companies​
  • Non-academic research (commercial research organizations, think tanks etc.)​
  • Business with the Global South