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Jedediah Seltzer | President

During my third year of pursuing my PhD, I was looking at different career options and discovered consulting! In order to learn more, I joined the GBCC and haven’t looked back. What I enjoy the most about being in the GBCC is the information sharing/paying it forward module the club has. I have been able to learn about consulting and other non-bench related roles through GBCC initiatives. I now have had a chance to share the knowledge with younger colleagues, paying it forward. The GBCC has helped me develop professionally and personally, allowing me to make new connections and learn about new career routes. Outside of science and pursuing business opportunities I enjoy backpacking, bird watching and playing board games with friends!

Erin Burgunder | Senior Partner of CG^2

Before I started grad school, I knew I wanted to use my future PhD in a unique way, but I wasn’t sure what that would be. What I DID know was that I wanted my career to include: 1) really cool science, 2) challenging problems, and 3) big-picture, practical applications. In my first year at UNC I learned about life science consulting at a GBCC event, and it checked all of my career boxes. Now, in my fourth year, I am excited to be leading GBCC’s Carolina Graduate Consulting Group (CG2). GBCC has been a great way to meet like-minded grad students, network, and get hands-on experience with the business of science.


Wulin Jiang | Vice President of External Affairs

PhD Candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

I joined GBCC because I was interested in pursuing business-related adventures after my graduation, such as consulting, business development, and entrepreneurship. During the past year in GBCC, I really appreciated the business-related opportunities offered by GBCC, and enjoyed the different actives or events a lot. These experiences really strengthened my business skill set, and helped me to reach closer to my career goals. I’m looking forward to organizing and participating in more GBCC activities or events in the upcoming academic year.


Anwesha Goswami | Vice President of External Affairs

Postdoc, Eshelman School of Pharmacy





Xiaorui Fu | Vice President of External Affairs

Pharm.D candidate of UNC Eshelman school of pharmacy
I joined GBCC in my first year of graduate school as the VP of external affair. I help to contact consultants or people in pharmaceutical industry to share their experience on GBCC Over the Bench seminar. I developed my interest of consulting since I was in college and glad I can step into this field by joining GBCC. Hope I can start my career in consulting firm after I graduate from pharmacy school.


Jennifer Kernan | Vice President of Internal Affairs

Graduate student in Pharmacology





Shannon Speer | Treasurer

Ph.D. Candidate in Biological Chemistry

I knew I wanted to continue studying Chemistry after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Rhodes College in 2016. After enjoying all the BBQ that my heart desired in Memphis, I decided to leave and head back to my home state of NC to pursue my Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry at the University of North Carolina. Working as a graduate research assistant at UNC was everything I dreamed of, fast-paced and enlightening to competitive and challenging. The Graduate Business and Consulting Club has helped me learn more about alternative careers and how to best prepare for non-traditional career paths. Outside of the lab, you can find me running marathons, doing science outreach, and organizing events for Women in Science, Allies for Minorities and Women in Science, and working as the treasurer for the Graduate Business and Consulting Club.


Natalie Nielsen | Director of Operations

PhD Candidate in Cell Biology and Physiology

As a rising 5th year graduate student, I knew I wanted my future career to be outside of the lab, yet still involved in science. Through the TIBBS ImPACT internship, I interned at the NC Biotech Center in the Emerging Company Development, where I learned I wanted my future career to involve the business side of science. Thus, I became involved in the GBCC, where they have fantastic opportunities to learn about alternative career paths with Beyond the Bench seminar, network at their monthly socials, and explore leadership capabilities within the club itself.



James Meyo | Director of Professional Development

PhD Candidate in Genetics and Molecular Biology
During the third year of my PhD, I began exploring potential career options and became interested in consulting and business development in the life sciences. This is an interesting niche where I learn lots of new and exciting information that is both relatable to my scientific background and informative about industries that are new to me. The GBCC community has been an essential part of my graduate and professional development, where I have learned with peers and networked with professionals in industries I am interested in. I greatly value our club philosophy of mentoring newer members and enabling them to explore a wide range of career opportunities for advanced degree candidates.

Ranga Rajan | Post-doc liaison, Cases & Cases co-director

Post-doc in Pharmacology






Yitong Li | Cases & Cases co-director

Graduate Student in Cell Biology and Physiology





President: Ian McDonald

VP of External Affairs: Nicholas Haigh

VP of External Affairs: Xiaorui Fu

VP of External Affairs: Wulin Jiang

VP of Internal Affairs: Olivia Sanchez-Felix

Director of Operations: Jen Kernan

Director of Profession Development: Jedediah Seltzer

Case competition Chairs: Nicholas Haigh & Jedediah Seltzer

Cases Director: Anthony Arceci