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Taylor Enrico | President

Ph.D. Candidate in Pharmacology

Before entering graduate school, I knew that I wanted my future career to integrate business development, scientific problem solving, and working as part of a team. During my exploration of alternative career paths for life science PhDs, I discovered GBCC through the Beyond the Bench seminar series. Since then, GBCC has continued to offer excellent opportunities to learn about and prepare for non-traditional careers and to network with both my peers and industry professionals.



Xiaorui Fu | Vice President of External Affairs

Pharm.D. Candidate
I joined GBCC in my first year of graduate school as the VP of external affairs. I help to contact consultants or people in pharmaceutical industry to share their experience on GBCC Beyond the Bench seminar. I developed my interest of consulting since I was in college and glad I can step into this field by joining GBCC. Hope I can start my career in consulting firm after I graduate from pharmacy school.

Michaela Copp | Partner at Carolina Graduate Consulting Group

Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

How can I integrate a love of science, an extroverted personality, and an interest to apply research beyond the academic setting? This was the question I asked myself as I started graduate school. Now entering my third year in the biomedical engineering doctoral program, I have found my niche within the biotech consulting and business development sector. Taking courses through the Graduate Certificate in Business Fundamentals (GCBF) program and attending Graduate Business and Consulting Club (GBCC) events was instrumental in helping untangle the foreign landscape of the business world. I am excited to take an active role in GBCC’s executive board to gain further experience in the business of science and help other graduate students in their pursuit of this exciting career path.


Yogitha Chareddy | Vice President of Internal Affairs

Ph.D. Candidate in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Before beginning my graduate studies at UNC, I studied both molecular biology and business at my undergraduate institution and became interested in integrating these disciplines into a non-traditional life science career. With the help of GBCC and other programs such as the Eship Center Apprenticeship Program at UNC, I’ve found the perfect avenue for leveraging my technical and problem-solving skills as a scientist with the business development and networking these organizations offer. I’m looking forward to taking an active role in GBCC and helping my peers gain a better understanding of the interface between business and science.


Shannon Speer | Post-doc liaison

Ph.D. Candidate in Biological Chemistry

I knew I wanted to continue studying Chemistry after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Rhodes College in 2016. After enjoying all the BBQ that my heart desired in Memphis, I decided to leave and head back to my home state of NC to pursue my Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry at the University of North Carolina. Working as a graduate research assistant at UNC was everything I dreamed of, fast-paced and enlightening to competitive and challenging. The Graduate Business and Consulting Club has helped me learn more about alternative careers and how to best prepare for non-traditional career paths. Outside of the lab, you can find me running marathons, doing science outreach, and organizing events for Women in Science, Allies for Minorities and Women in Science, and working as the treasurer for the Graduate Business and Consulting Club.


Sisi Tran | Partner at Carolina Graduate Consulting Group

Pharm.D. Candidate

When I started pharmacy school, I knew that I wanted to go into non-traditional routes such as industry or hospital pharmacy administration. I discovered GBCC through Beyond the Bench seminar and got to learn about consulting career. This year, I will be serving as a Partner for (CG)2, overseeing engagements with the local life sciences, med-tech, and healthcare startups.


Qiongqiong Mei | Director of Professional Development 

Pharm.D. Candidate

I am a big believer in making an impact. During my second year of pharmacy school, I discovered GBCC through Linkedin. After attending a few of the Beyond the Bench seminar series, I knew this is where I want to start my career path. As an active member of GBCC, my goal is to help me and my colleagues bridge their interests in business and science.


Cody Sorrell | Director of Finance/Treasurer

Ph.D. Candidate in Biology

Early in my second year of graduate school, I found myself sitting in on a Beyond the Bench seminar on life sciences consulting. This was the first moment I had ever considered what a career in a non-academic setting would be like and immediately wanted to learn more. I realized how valuable our critical thinking and analytical skills as researchers can be to the business world and that my career options were not as limited as I had once thought. Since then, I have become an active member of GBCC, taken on market research internships, and completed business-related coursework to best prepare myself for a future in consulting. As treasurer, I hope to highlight the overlap between science and business to other students like myself.


Shu Zhang | Cases & Cases Co-Director 

Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry & Biophysics (BCBP)

My graduate career has taught me to always look beyond traditional routes and always be brave to take on new opportunities. I realized the world has a lot to offer if I know where to look. As a graduate student, I am heavily trained in communication and critical analysis skills. I enjoy learning and solving problems in a fast and efficient way. Joining GBCC has helped me expand my vision as well as the ways I can use my skillsets acquired in graduate school. I am honored to serve with my fellow colleagues on the GBCC team. Beyond the lab, I am often found in the mountains hiking or creating short stories with friends.


Jiawen Du | Vice President of External Affairs

Master student in Biostatistics 

When I was an undergraduate student major in biology science, I realized that instead of doing lab research, I want my career to be a combination of life science, communicative cooperation, and business development. After attending graduate school, I joined GBCC since I want to work with people with the same interest in business consulting. I believe GBCC is a great place full of opportunities for students pursuing a business development career. I’m excited to take an active role on the executive board and looking forward to participating in seminars and organizing GBCC activities in the following year! 


Amelia Bulivant | Vice President of External Affairs

Master of Professional Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics

I am a first-year graduate student studying Biomedical and Health informatics. In undergrad, I studied Neuroscience, Sociology, and Business. Through my business coursework, I learned about consulting and became fascinated with the problem-solving nature of consulting. In undergrad, I had the opportunity to intern at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation alongside Dr. Thomas Fogarty at his med-tech startup incubator. After working in the med-tech startup space, I knew that I wanted to incorporate technology and innovation into my future career. I believe consulting is the perfect blend of my passion for problem solving and innovation. I am excited to serve on the Board of GBCC as VP of External Affairs, where I will help recruit speakers for the Beyond the Bench seminar series.


Jane Lee | Director of Alumni Relations

Ph.D. Candidate in Pharmacology

My interest in the business of science began while working at a biotech startup before graduate school. I began exploring non-conventional careers paths by networking with UNC alumni during my time as Committee Chair of the “From Lab to Life” seminar series in Pharmacology. I enjoyed learning about various careers outside the bench, especially consulting. Consulting combines my passion for business, problem-solving, and innovation. I am excited to be a member of the GBCC as the Director of Alumni Relations and look forward to connecting our students with alumni.


 Sherry Xia | Director of Finance/Treasurer

Pharm.D. Candidate

I developed my interest in life science consulting in my second year of pharmacy school. While I enjoyed the rigor of the science and drug development process, I found that the work was not as dynamic as I expected. I began to explore non-traditional career pathways including business and consulting. I attended some events of the GBCC club and realized the diverse opportunities offered in the consulting field. I was fascinated by the numerous projects and rewarding impacts that I could contribute as a consultant. I also realized that my critical thinking, communication, and team-working skills as a pharmacy student could be enormous assets for the business and consulting field. As the treasurer of GBCC, I hope to build more connections with the consulting experts and bring more creative events for students interested in the field!