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Jiawen Du | President

Master student in Biostatistics 

When I was an undergraduate student major in biology science, I realized that instead of doing lab research, I want my career to be a combination of life science, communicative cooperation, and business development. After attending graduate school, I joined GBCC since I want to work with people with the same interest in business consulting. I believe GBCC is a great place full of opportunities for students pursuing a business development career. I’m excited to take an active role on the executive board and looking forward to participating in seminars and organizing GBCC activities in the following year! 

Caroline Yu | Vice President of External Affairs

PhD Student in Microbiology and Immunology 

As an undergrad studying molecular and cell biology, I always wondered what careers were possible. I am a strong believer in creating opportunities for every individual, especially to increase their exposure to careers beyond traditional paths in science. I am excited to be a part of GBCC to further this. Outside of research, I love playing tennis in the local leagues and trying out new food spots in the Triangle. 

Dominik Berger  | Vice President of External Affairs 

Visiting Scholar in Philosophy

As someone with a Philosophy background, I am excited to learn new things and solve interesting problems. This interest is what initially attracted me to consulting. I have worked on a project with the Carolina Graduate Consulting Group and have attended various GBCC events, and these experiences have helped me get a good sense of what a career in consulting would be like, while at the same time allowing me to get valuable practical experience in the field. I’m therefore excited to be able to play a greater role in helping to organize such events myself and help current graduate students learn more about the many possible career paths outside of academia.

Yogitha Chareddy | Vice President of Internal Affairs

PhD Candidate in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Before beginning my graduate studies at UNC, I studied both molecular biology and business at my undergraduate institution and became interested in integrating these disciplines into a non-traditional life science career. With the help of GBCC and other programs such as the Eship Center Apprenticeship Program at UNC, I’ve found the perfect avenue for leveraging my technical and problem-solving skills as a scientist with the business development and networking these organizations offer. I’m looking forward to taking an active role in GBCC and helping my peers gain a better understanding of the interface between business and science.

Keita Yokoyama | Partner at Carolina Graduate Consulting Group

PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering

As an immigrant and biomedical engineer, I strive to transcend boundaries to design solutions – whether I am designing new medical devices or forming interdisciplinary teams to bring them into users’ hands. I enable the latter in the GBCC as a Partner at the Carolina Graduate Consulting Group, the club’s experiential learning arm. Through (CG)2, I have consulted for local startup clients, then rose up the ranks by managing teams of analysts to design marketing strategies for local and international clients alike. By leading the firm, I aim to provide GBCC members unparalleled opportunities to gain a deep, firsthand understanding of best practices and challenges in running and consulting for life sciences-related businesses.

Madigan Bedard | Partner of Carolina Graduate Consulting Group

PhD Candidate in Pharmacology

As graduate students, our job is to learn how to think critically and further knowledge in our specific fields. As a scientist, I do this every day within the context of the lab. But what happens with that knowledge after it leaves the lab? Our scientific advancements often become start-up companies that attempt to bring important discoveries and progress to the market. I am excited to serve as a co-partner for the Carolina Graduate Consulting Group and further the translation of science from bench to market while passing along the crucial skills I have learned through GBCC and CG^2.



Qiongqiong Mei | Director of Professional Development 

PharmD Candidate

I am a big believer in making an impact. During my second year of pharmacy school, I discovered GBCC through Linkedin. After attending a few of the Beyond the Bench seminar series, I knew this is where I want to start my career path. As an active member of GBCC, my goal is to help me and my colleagues bridge their interests in business and science.


Maura Vrabel | Cases & Cases Co-Director 

PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Driven by clinical translation and real patient benefit, I am pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering where my dissertation explores the impact of freezing tumor tissue, a therapy called cryoablation, on the immune system’s ability to prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis.  After taking classes in technology commercialization and learning more about management consulting at the GBCC Consulting Bootcamp, I realized that my passion for both business and science can be met with consulting. I’m excited to lead case prep for fellow students as we help each other improve our analytical frameworks.


Shu Zhang | Cases & Cases Co-Director 

PhD candidate in Biochemistry & Biophysics (BCBP)

My graduate career has taught me to always look beyond traditional routes and always be brave to take on new opportunities. I realized the world has a lot to offer if I know where to look. As a graduate student, I am heavily trained in communication and critical analysis skills. I enjoy learning and solving problems in a fast and efficient way. Joining GBCC has helped me expand my vision as well as the ways I can use my skillsets acquired in graduate school. I am honored to serve with my fellow colleagues on the GBCC team. Beyond the lab, I am often found in the mountains hiking or creating short stories with friends.

Yicong Liu | Director of Finance/Treasurer 

Master Student in Health Policy and Management

My interest in consulting arose when I studied clinical pharmacy at my undergraduate institution. With a background in life science, I am also interested in economics, marketing policy, and venture capital. Therefore, I decided to study health policy and management in graduate school after finishing my clinical training at the hospital. My motto in life is ‘Be Curious’: Never stop questioning and keep moving forward. I am looking forward to meeting more peers interested in consulting in GBCC and can work together to carry out the goal. As a Cases & Cases Co-Director, I hope to help peers learn about consulting and the case interview process. A fun fact about me: I am a crazy roller coaster fan – I can ride the roller coaster seven times a day.

Eden Y Zewdie | Director of Alumni Relations

PhD Candidate in the Pharmacology

Every innovative effort, scientific research in particular, primarily has social objectives and eventually progresses into business activities. I learned to appreciate this when I majored in Pharmacology and Toxicology and minored in Business during my undergraduate studies at UW-Madison. Currently, as a graduate student, I have tried to further enhance my knowledge of this combination of these two fields by attending seminars hosted by GBCC and participating in virtual events hosted by consulting companies. As Director of Alumni Relations, I am keen to connect and work with Alumni to enable us, graduate students, to widen our network and learn more about our opportunities.

Jane Lee | President (May – October 2022) 

PhD Candidate in Pharmacology

My interest in the business of science began while working at a biotech startup before graduate school. I began exploring non-conventional careers paths by networking with UNC alumni during my time as Committee Chair of the “From Lab to Life” seminar series in Pharmacology. I enjoyed learning about various careers outside the bench, especially consulting. Consulting combines my passion for business, problem-solving, and innovation. I love that GBCC provides amazing opportunities to network with peers and professionals in consulting.

 Sherry Xia | Director of Finance/Treasurer (November 2021 – August 2022)

PharmD Candidate

I developed my interest in life science consulting in my second year of pharmacy school. While I enjoyed the rigor of the science and drug development process, I found that the work was not as dynamic as I expected. I began to explore non-traditional career pathways including business and consulting. I attended some events of the GBCC club and realized the diverse opportunities offered in the consulting field. I was fascinated by the numerous projects and rewarding impacts that I could contribute as a consultant. I also realized that my critical thinking, communication, and team-working skills as a pharmacy student could be enormous assets for the business and consulting field. As the treasurer of GBCC, I hope to build more connections with the consulting experts and bring more creative events for students interested in the field!